alphabetical representations of thought
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Carolyn didn’t lose her mind; she just laid it on the shelf in the hallway. There were a lot of other things to carry.

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Featured on Ficly!

Featured on Ficly!

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A thick gloom weighed heavy over every piece of man and beast that covered the blackened, bloodied, ash-laden ground. The first light cast but a beaten sliver of hope amid the muck of a mayhem that had filled its fore and now enveloped a distant horizon.

The pervasive pain of ten-thousand pins pushed into his chest as he inhaled the acrid air of a battle that had long been lost. As the breath of life filled his lungs, anguish of mind flooded his soul and below the facade of steeled skin, bent and broken, his body loll freshly bruised, his bones newly crushed.

This once benevolent land of his birth gasped in the clutches of a dark and menacing mind; pervasive doubt conquering all who survived. But among this uncertainty of being, a familiar voice had fluttered from afar and onto his bludgeoned but ever-obedient ear.

The King, still alive, had joined in the battle once more! Indescribable love had granted he and his lord with new life. Indestructible chivalry and honor bestowed upon them their final stand.

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~ Wednesday, February 22 ~

Wait a Second

Light radiates from the screen and reaches your eyes. You recognize the characters before you and the arrangement of them as a formation of words. The words, in turn, appear to be forming a sentence.

As the realization of what you have done passes through your consciousness, you tell yourself: Wait a second. Have I been reading these words and sentences all along?

A pause for contemplation allows your eyes to move momentarily downward and to the left. The task of reading the written word begins once again. More and more alphabetical representations of thought appear as your eyes helplessly flow forward.

Another break – another shift – another awkward realization that you’ve just spent the last moment of your life reading, but learning absolutely nothing in the process. In fact, the last sentence you read (as is the one you are reading now) is a grand, grammatical farce.

Then, when all hope seems lost, you can’t take it any longer, and you think you’ve read much more than enough… it stops.

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